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Get Engaged

We Are Joining Together to Support our Schools, Refocus on Results, and to Unite and Activate Behind These Simple Principles:


We will have a functional School Board in sync with its Director of Schools and our Mayor, together offering a clear vision, a plan, and leadership fully focused on improving academic outcomes for ALL kids;


We will work to create a city-wide system of high quality public schools that eliminates the need for ANY student – no matter their neighborhood or zip code – to travel across town or transfer to a different county to receive an excellent education;


We will grow what works – celebrating and replicating our best schools and the best practices that are successfully preparing students for college, career, and life.

Make Your Voice Heard


If we want to be a community where ALL children, no matter where they live, receive the education they need to have meaningful lives and opportunities, then we must demand real change and refocus on positive results.


Contact your elected officials, write a letter to the editor, and rally your neighbors, friends and co-workers to get involved.


And check back here for easy and direct ways to make your voice heard on issues of importance to our teachers, students, and public schools.

Share with Your Friends

Building a great public education system – one that truly serves ALL children – is vital to our city’s continued success!

Contact Your School Board Member

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